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Visiting Munich Hotels- Getting the Right One To Stop At

Visiting Munich Hotels- Getting the Right One To Stop At

Visiting Munich Hotels- Getting the Right One To Stop At
February 15
15:35 2013

Munich is Germany’s most visited city, and with millions of people descending upon the Bavarian capital each year, it can be difficult to book hotel rooms in Munich at times. This can be especially difficult if you’re only searching for mainstream hotels or don’t understand how to find good hotels that don’t necessarily live up to the regular rating systems on your favorite web sites. Before you head off for Germany and its hundreds, if not thousands, of tourist traps, you can do something good for yourself, your trip and your budget by making sure that you book the right hotel at the right price. If you do that, then even if you end up in a tourist trap, by accident or on purpose, you won’t have to worry so much about the cost, and you can just sit back and enjoy yourself.

Siegestor in Munich at Night
Visiting MunichWerner Kunz / Travel Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

There are hotels in nearly every neighborhood in Munich. Likewise, there are sites to see, and tourist traps to walk into in nearly every neighborhood in the city as well. No matter where you stay, you will find things to do and things to say, and multiple ways to make memories and commemorate your trip. Here are just a few things to think about to help you decide where to stay.

  • For the museum lover. If you love museums and your goal is to spend your vacation experiencing the history and culture of Munich through beautifully crafted exhibits, then you’ll want to choose a hotel in Lehel or Bogehausen, which provide easy access to the River Isar and the English Garden, along with the Bavarian National Museum, the State Museum of Ethnology, and the Archaeological Collection. The villas in this neighborhood have also been artfully restored, making the walk one back through time.
  • For the food, fun and people lover. If you want to experience Munich by food, bar, and theater, then you’ll want to stay in Isarvorstadt or Haidhausen. These two neighborhoods are jam-packed with restaurants, bars, cafes, cultural centers, and plenty of other things to do and enjoy. You’ll also have access to the German Museum and the Gasteig Centre.
  • For the peace and beauty lover. If you want a serene place to stay, away from it all, you can enjoy your vacation from a hotel in Laim or Sendling. Hotels here are located in laidback, serene neighborhoods and some have a view of the nearby Nymphenburg Palace. Be careful when booking hotels in this area though. In the Fall, they provide the easiest access and closest proximity to Oktoberfest, making them possibly one of the noisier spots to behold.

Every neighborhood in Munich has something to offer you and your vacation. The most important thing for you to remember is that you won’t be confined to your hotel or the neighborhood it is in. Choose the neighborhood that best suits your personality for your down time and let the city fill your days, evenings and nights with all of the activities, food, culture and fun that your heart desires.

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