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Access To Files When Traveling

Access To Files When Traveling

Access To Files When Traveling
December 14
15:38 2012

People spend more time than ever connected to their computers nowadays, and thanks to the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, there’s even more opportunities to get online, no matter where you are. As mobile carriers in countries across the globe start to roll out 4G and superfast internet connections to mobile devices, it’s fair to say that it will soon be even easier to do work on the move.

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Access To Files When TravelingEd Yourdon / Foter / CC BY-SA

Mobile devices don’t tend to have the same memory capabilities as traditional computers though, and if you have a lot of different files it can be difficult to keep them with you at all times, especially while you’re travelling and don’t want to be carrying external hard drives around with you. If you also use your tablet or laptop for personal use, there’ll be even less space available for work files.

You should always be backing up your important files – if you’re using a cloud server like Google Drive or there’s another advantage available to you in that you will be able to access your files wherever you are in the world, provided you have an internet connection. There’s nothing worse than planning things to do while you’re on a long journey and then forgetting to bring everything that’s necessary – missing files can leave you sat on your train twiddling your thumbs, with the prospect of still having everything to do when you get home.

It’s not just work files either that you might find you need while you’re travelling – not many people remember to print their insurance documents to take with them when they leave the country, and if there is an emergency there’s every chance that a hospital or doctor is going to want to see them. Likewise, if you find yourself out of money you might need to access important bank details – file sharing can make this possible.

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