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Top reasons to have a Valentine’s break in Wales

Top reasons to have a Valentine’s break in Wales

Top reasons to have a Valentine’s break in Wales
February 01
15:34 2013

Wales might not immediately strike you as the most romantic of destinations, but you’d be surprised at just how perfect for couples it is. I went there with my partner last year and was completely blown away by how amazing it was, which is what makes me think it’s the ideal choice for a quick romantic sojourn.

Sunset at Ulladulla Harbour
Valentine’s break in WalesSam Ilić / / CC BY-NC

Of course, most people’s idea of a romantic holiday probably involves lashings of sun and cocktails on the beach, so I expect you’re curious about just what it is that makes Wales so good. I’ve put together a quick list of top reasons to go there this Valentine’s Day – I think you’ll soon be convinced!

1) Its romantic history

What many people don’t know about Wales is that it has a history steeped in romance. First off, there is the longstanding tradition of Welsh lovespoons; once upon a time, men would carve these to show the object of their affections just how much they loved them, with the level of detailed displayed in the spoon supposedly a sign of the depth of their passion. These days, you can simply buy a readymade lovespoon instead – perhaps not as impressive, but the tradition is still lovely!

If lovespoons aren’t your thing, you might be a little more interested to hear about St Dwynwen, Wales’s very own patron saint for lovers. Her farther stopped her from marrying the man she adored, which led her to beseech god to be kind to anyone who shared true love.

So, you see, Wales is a longstanding romantic destination!

2) It’s easy to reach

Admittedly, this probably doesn’t sound like the most romantic of reasons to come here, but believe me, if you’re going on a short getaway ease of travel is all-important in creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Being stressed out because of airport delays and lost baggage is hardly going to put you in a romantic mood.

Personally, I’d opt to drive, since this is probably the most leisurely option. But, there are plenty of decent rail links you can make use of too and, if you’re only going for a few days, you won’t end up having to cram huge bags into the tiny racks on the train.

3) You can have an adventure

As I’m sure you’re already aware, Wales is a great place in which to explore the great outdoors. I reckon this is a lovely way to spend a Valentine’s break, since you can have a real adventure together.

Back when I went to Wales, my partner and I climbed Mount Snowdon, which is something I’d definitely recommend. I also think coasteering sounds really fun and would be the perfect Valentine’s activity if you’re a daring pair – but I must admit, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try it! There’s loads more you can do, too, including cycling, leisurely walks along the beach, ziplining through forests (Betws-y-Coed in Snowdonia National Park is a good place for this) and horse riding.

4) There are loads of great restaurants

Romance has long been associated with consuming gorgeous, decadent food, so it’s pretty fortunate that Wales is home to some utterly fantastic restaurants. Yes, you did read correctly – Wales might not be widely considered a prime destination for foodies, but it really should be.

There are lots of award-winning eateries you can take your pick from, but among the best is The Walnut Tree Inn in Abergavenny in Monmouthshire, where you tuck into Michelin-starred food in relaxed, refreshingly unpretentious surroundings.

If you’re looking for more ideas of romantic things to do in Wales, click here.

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