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Top benefits of joining a tour on holiday

Top benefits of joining a tour on holiday

Top benefits of joining a tour on holiday
December 19
15:51 2012

If you’ve never joined a tour on holiday, you’re missing out. Whenever I’ve headed abroad with lots of strangers on this type of getaway, I’ve always had a great time – and these have become some of my best trips ever.

Sunset over Amsterdam (Frontpage)
joining a tour on holidayWerner Kunz / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

If you’ve not enjoyed a group holiday such as this, I’ve put together some reasons why I think they’re great.

Organised for you 

One of the top benefits of signing up to an organised tour is that these trips are arranged entirely for you. It can be difficult and complicated to sort out all the details of a long getaway, from the flights and transfers to hotels and transport, but you don’t have to worry about doing any of this, as the tour operator simply comes up with a schedule for you.

If you’ve ever tried to arrange a multi-destination trip by yourself, gone through the headache of making sure your connections don’t overlap and your hotels are not in an inconvenient location from the airport/bus stop/train station, you’ll know how challenging it can all become. I find that letting someone else handle all the arrangements instantly makes you enjoy your holiday far more!

Visit lots of destinations 

Most tour holidays involve visiting more than one destination, which means you get to explore lots of locations during your holiday. Although spending two weeks on the beach in a tropical setting is something we all want to do from time to time, I think there’s nothing more exciting than an adventure to several different places where you can see lots of things on one trip.

Typically, these groups travel around a country – or even across borders – so you are able to see plenty of attractions, immerse yourself in different cultures and learn a lot about the many destinations you visit. This will not only give you a broader appreciation of the country/ies you are visiting, but will also (I think) make for a more rewarding holiday!.

Make friends 

If you’re going overseas by yourself, perhaps the biggest advantage of joining a tour group is that you can make lots of friends on a holiday such as this. Lots of other independent travellers will be in the group so you have a good chance of becoming close pals with a few of them.

You tend to typically share rooms or tents (depending on the type of adventure holiday for singlesyou are on) with other members of the party, so you will get to know one another very quickly – and as you’re around the rest of the group all day long, I find that you often make friends for life on trips like this. In fact, I am still in touch with several people I’ve met on these sorts of breaks.

Travelling with experts 

I find another huge advantage of going on a tour for your entire getaway is that you will be guided by experts of the country you are visiting throughout your trip. Your tour leader will be knowledgeable about the destinations you explore because they are likely to have been there several times before. Therefore, as well as being confident that you are being guided safely around the locations, you can quiz them about the history, culture and traditions of the places you see.

This definitely helps you to build a better picture of the destinations, whether you learn about the formation of a magnificent natural site such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona or you discover more about religious festivals on a trip to India.

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