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Spending your holiday at home: should you consider it?

Spending your holiday at home: should you consider it?

Spending your holiday at home: should you consider it?
January 27
18:05 2013

In a world of reasonably-priced air travel, people are much more inclined to head abroad to get the break they want. This wave of popularity regarding overseas travel is only further bolstered by the plethora of price comparison sites and last-minute deal resources that allow people to not particularly get the perfect deal, but one that makes ends meet, even if they end up having to pack at the last minute.

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However, there are plenty of reasons to keep things domestic. Here in the UK, there are dozens of good things about staying in the country when taking a holiday. While the drudgery of “real life” never seems far round the corner for a lot of people when they decide to stay in the same area as their workplace or home, just travelling 20 or 30 miles down the road could provide a phenomenal experience that they simply don’t expect.

So, without further ado, here are a few reasons why you should stay in the UK this spring, summer or autumn.

Free healthcare. Why bother with an insurance policy that might not even cover you for your specific requirements, when instead you could just pop into a GP’s office or hospital if things go pear-shaped while you’re on a domestic break? You’ve undoubtedly been paying National Insurance for years, and healthcare’s there for you when you need it.

Low phone costs. Don’t worry about using foreign shrapnel to make your phone calls, or expensive prepaid cards. If you’re at home, you can just enjoy the same service you usually get, and you won’t get hit with roaming charges for extras such as 3G.

Cheap accommodation for the quality. You only need to look online to see the remarkable offers you can get on the likes of Rent My Cottage or other groups such as the Youth Hostel Association. While the latter offers a more rough-and-ready experience, the former is able to offer some unbelievable places to stay – and all for a fraction of the cost you’d even pay on the continent, never mind elsewhere.

No need to exchange money. We’ve all been there: exchanging money in advance, or in the final stages, of a big trip. Whatever happens, you always lose money, especially if you end up bringing a lot of unspent cash back with you. Stick to what you know at home – you’ll certainly know where your money goes, too.

Common language. As an issue that’s less due to xenophobia and more because of the general laziness of people and a lack of teaching from a young age, people don’t know the likes of basic French, German, Spanish or Italian; knowing only English can result in a holiday falling by the wayside in more exotic locations. In the UK, aside from the occasional dodgy accent, you can get by without any problems.

Free museums. Because of our wonderful government, all nationally-owned museums are free. While National Trust and English Heritage sites often charge a little fee here and there, some of the most established attractions in the UK don’t require any money whatsoever – though you may want to donate a little something, if you’re feeling generous.

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