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A Road Trip Along Spain’s Mediterranean Coastline

A Road Trip Along Spain’s Mediterranean Coastline

A Road Trip Along Spain’s Mediterranean Coastline
November 29
09:46 2012

With a collection of popular and renowned destinations, such as Barcelona and Valencia, Spain’s Mediterranean coastline is one of the premium tourist destinations in the world, famous for its sun, sea and lavish sand.

Palm Trees and Mediterranean Sea, Malaga, Spain

North-East Spain begins with the acclaimed region of Catalonia, an eclectic landscape consisting of dozens of beach resorts and historically significant cities. From the Costa Brava to Montserrat, Catalonia is the ideal starting point for any trip along Spain’s famed Mediterranean coastline.

Catalonia’s most prized possession remains Barcelona, a city that is a paradise for any tourist; its many districts extend outwards forming the second largest city in the country and its infrastructure and industry are first-class. Tourists should be sure to visit Las Ramblas, the renowned pedestrian walkway, as well as other famous landmarks in the city. The food is diverse and ranges from traditional Spanish dishes such as paella, to more eclectic and vibrant tastes.

Coastline of Malaga seen from Castillo de Gibralfaro

For those that have decided a simple hire car is the way to go, it’s easy to continue out of Barcelona and follow the coast down via Catalonia’s primary motorway, the C-31.

From there, the city of Tarragona is a stark reminder of the country’s Roman history with a collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites consisting of roman ruins and museums representing the archaic architecture of these bygone relics. The city plays host to a number of different festivals throughout the year as well highlighting the importance of its culture as well as its traditional values. The nearby city of Salou is another east coast destination which combines a host of archaic settlements as well as contemporary amenities such as water and theme parks.

Eastern Spain features the regions of Murcia and Valencia, both prominent names and both with plenty to see and do for those cruising down the AP-7 motorway by the coast. This beautiful Costa Blanca coastline is stunning and really sets Spain’s eastern coastline head and shoulders above the rest, offering a mesmeric experience.

Valencia, like Barcelona, is a thriving city and can be accessed by the V-21 road which leads off the motorway. Considered the third most important Spanish city after Madrid and Barcelona, it has a reputation to uphold and does so with gusto. A city of art and science, Valencia has much to appease its increasing tourist numbers and likes to celebrate its autonomous culture by throwing vibrant festivals such as the famed Las Fallas Festival.

From there, you move past popular locations such as Benidorm and Alicante, which is a wonderfully vibrant city, overlooked by the grand Castle Of Santa Barbara which is perched high up on Mount Benacantil. Alicante is wonderfully Spanish and loves to characterise itself in a traditional sense, from its eating habits (a light breakfast followed by a late afternoon siesta before the city comes to life) to the nightlife, usually concentrated in its Old Town.

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