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Overseas Caravanning

Overseas Caravanning

Overseas Caravanning
December 04
20:21 2012

When people think of caravan holidays, not many think of going abroad. However, with a little planning, there is no reason why you can’t. There are many beautiful holiday destinations in Europe that are convenient to get to, so you don’t really have an excuse to stay in the UK!

Essential Planning

Planning is absolutely key.

Caravan InsuranceGarry – / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Before you even step out the door, you need to make sure your caravan insurance covers European or even worldwide travelling. If it doesn’t, take a look at for comprehensive cover at a reasonable price. You will need to think about what route you’re going to take and plan it out, taking into account tolls and road tax as well as low emission zones. You’ll therefore need to look at ferries or the Eurotunnel.


When you’re actually in Europe, at some point you will have to stock up on fuel, so do some research into prices, otherwise your eyebrows might disappear off the top of your forehead.

Gas and Electricity

Try to take as much gas as you can with you, but if it’s not possible to take enough, you won’t be able to exchange or refill Calor gas canisters. However, you will be able to buy other gas brands, but you will need an adaptor that you should be able to buy with the gas. Most European campsites have the same plugs as we do in the UK, but some have three pins instead of two so you may require an adaptor. Check out the Caravan Club website for lots of helpful information.


Europe is full to the brim with history, beauty and culture wherever you choose to go, so think about what you enjoy doing and what you want a holiday for. If you want to soak up some sun, think the South of France, Spain or somewhere like Croatia. Here are some of our favourites.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Famous for its coffee shops, bicycles and museums (among a couple of other things), Amsterdam is a beautiful city for a holiday. Rent your own boat and cruise along the canal network and see the vibrancy of Amsterdam in a different way. With camping sites as close as 5km away, the city is perfect for a caravanning trip for those with cultural inclinations.

Bruges, Belgium

One of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, the world heritage site is bursting with history and there are festivals a plenty. Popular for its lace, as well as the Belgian chocolate, the city is an exciting tourist destination. Relatively easy to get to with a caravan, you can get a ferry to Belgium and then a short drive to the city itself.

The Black Forest, Germany

You could wake up to the sun shining on to a beautiful landscape, full of mountains, trees and lakes. Visit a range of different attractions from the city of Freiburg, and the clock museum in Furtwangen, or the reconstructed black forest farms and mines. There are a range of different camping sites in this area for you to choose from.

Wherever you choose to go, always remember to plan ahead! Happy Holidays!

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