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Multicentre Trips – Why an Agent Can Prove Preferable

Multicentre Trips – Why an Agent Can Prove Preferable

Multicentre Trips – Why an Agent Can Prove Preferable
February 07
12:44 2013

Booking flights and roofs for the night is so easy these days that most don’t give second thoughts to hitting the web and opting for the DIY approach. In fact, it is beginning to become a situation wherein most rule out the idea of booking with an agent as a purely nonsensical idea and one that they’ve no intention of following in this life or the next.

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Of course, there are certain everyday examples and instances where booking agents really aren’t necessary, but when it comes to Multicentre holidays things are rather different. Nevertheless, most will go to the ends of the Earth to book their own perfect trip to any number of points around the world, never realising that a little input from an independent specialist could make an enormous difference.

How? Consider the following:


Assuming we’re talking about a fully-dedicated independent specialist in the UK, the insights that can be gained on potential places to visit is huge. Simply throwing a dart at a map on the wall is one thing and following the usual crowds is another, but when it comes to discovering the true wonders of the world or what they really are, a little expert advice can go a long way indeed. And of course, advice doesn’t cost a penny and doesn’t have to be followed – so nothing to lose!


Next – while a single return flight with any given carrier might be cheaper to book online, those looking to take multiple flights and perhaps use multiple carriers owe it to themselves to speak to a specialist. The reason for this is the way in which most are privy to the kind of deals and discounts that will not be seen on the web and cannot be booked privately. And the same goes for accommodation – if a traveller’s needs are anything less than basic and short-term in a single location, chances are a packet can be saved by taking expert input.


Those who book alone by what has become the conventional process run the risk of only having themselves to turn to if and when something goes wrong. And from missed flights to weather disruptions and all manner of international political sagas, things can and do go wrong from time to time. By contrast, those that book with an agent essentially have their help and knowledge along for the ride at all times, which includes various contingencies to deal with pretty much any and every imaginable scenario. This is the peace of mind that’s almost too valuable to put a price on.


And in a similar vein to the above, a trip booked with an agent is much more likely to offer a deal of leeway if and when it becomes necessary to alter the trip or deviate from the original plan. Those who book alone are usually faced with a “Travel or don’t” cancellation policy…which is always charming!


And finally, the only thing worse than visiting a place that turns out to be a little grim in not being allowed into any given country in the first place! Visa regulations can be abundant and complex – something that only stands to benefit from the inclusion of at least a little advice from the professionals.

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