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Looking for love? Toronto can help you!

Looking for love? Toronto can help you!

Looking for love? Toronto can help you!
November 14
17:07 2012

Move over Paris, the northern hemisphere can now boast a new city of love. If you’re looking to find someone special to share your life with, then the city of Toronto is the perfect place to start looking.

With its fun nightlife, cultural hotspots and sporting showcases, Toronto is full of places to meet other singles who share your interests. With this in mind, here is a look at 3 of the best places to find love in one of Canada’s most vibrant and multicultural cities.

Cultural heartland

Of all the cities in Canada, Toronto is the one who best flies the flag for diversity. One in two Toronto locals were born somewhere else, meaning the city is a multicultural melting pot at heart. With such a diverse mix of locals, Toronto is the ideal city to meet the sort of people you’re looking for, whether it’s single professionals, cinema lovers, fellow parents or Asian singles.

Toronto’s spirit of diversity is reflected in everything from the city’s approach to art and cinema to its deliciously varied food and drink.

The Toronto events calendar is constantly packed with new restaurant openings, museum exhibitions, art hangings and theatre productions. Culture lovers have an abundance of opportunities to get out of the house and meet other people who understand what makes them tick. So whether you’re on the hunt for someone to share your love of Vietnamese cuisine, or perhaps your passion for Toronto’s annual International Film Festival, this is the city to find them in.

A sport lover’s dream

Sports lovers are in for a treat in Toronto, with the city offering local teams across a range of codes and sports. Getting tickets to the game means sitting in a stand full of people who share your love for not only the same sport, but better yet the same team. So what are you waiting for? Slip on your Maple Leaves jersey and head to the local ice rink.

Romantic nightlife

Everyone has a different idea about just what makes the perfect romantic night out. But whether you enjoy a great laugh at a comedy club, a night of salsa dancing or perhaps a few laps around the ice-rink, Toronto can deliver. The bar scene here ranges from funky and hip to sleek and chic, with destinations like The Drake Hotel and the Victory Café inspiring some number swapping for people of all ages.

However, meeting other singles in bars and at sporting events isn’t for everyone. It’s for this reason that online dating has proved to be such a popular method for meeting new people. Relationship sites like eHarmony CA specialise in bringing compatible people together. This means you can meet other Toronto film fans, sports nuts or culture vultures, all from the comfort of your living room.

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