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Krakow sightseeing – Spring time in Krakow

Krakow sightseeing – Spring time in Krakow

Krakow sightseeing – Spring time in Krakow
July 11
20:59 2016

Krakow explodes in bright colours when spring finally decides to push the last traces of winter away for good. The longer days and bluer skies are a sign of good things to come. A slow walk through Krakow’s streets and squares in the warm sun, surrounded by flowers and the songs of birds in the trees is the very definition of relaxation. Everybody here at “Guide Krakow” invites you to come and see our beautiful city in the warm sunshine.


Let’s take a look at the places to visit while working on your tan!

Surrounded by green – the Krakow Planty

The first signs of spring are always visible in Krakow’s Planty, a park that surrounds the Old Town like horseshoe. It was established not long after Krakow’s medieval walls were pulled down about a hundred and fifty years ago. Among the many different trees, shrubs and flowers, visitors will find fountains, statues, monuments and, yes, lots and lots of benches where you can sit and watch the world go by. It’s hard to choose a favorite but the area around the University district is especially charming, with its impressive buildings forming quite a backdrop. Believe us, this is no ordinary park!

All roads lead to the river with a Krakow city guide

If you’re out and about in Krakow on a lovely spring day, chances are that the flow of people traffic will take you towards the Vistula River. Spring time transforms the river into a magnet and you will feel draw yourself when you get close enough. With the warm weather, boats, kayaks and cyclists reappear along with the crowds just out for a stroll. Popular attractions near the river take on an extra charm when bathed in sunlight and surrounded by the greenery – Wawel Hill, the Norbertine Convent and Paulinian Monastery among others are especially amazing at this time.


A visit to Paulinian Monastery is especially worthwhile since it’s surrounded by its own park, with the shrine of St. Stanislaw at its heart. The incredible Baroque church is even more imposing than usual when framed by leaves and grass. Wawel Hill, just a short walk away, is also covered in greenery. Certain parts of the castle complex that are only open seasonally are ready to welcome guests and just about every corner of the most iconic building in Poland can be explored.

An easy ten minute down the river takes you to the Nobertine Convent, the second biggest complex of historical buildings in the city. The small but impressive Church of St. Salvator is another couple of minutes away, as are the 17th century wooden St. Margaret’s Chapel and the unique atmosphere of the Salwator district. If you’re up for a longer walk, follow the river all the way to the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec. Don’t feel like walking? There’s a bike path all the way there and boats can make the trip very easy and relaxing.

Everything in a new light

Blue skies also bring new life to the Old Town and Kazimierz. The beginning of the tourist season brings cafes, garden pubs and energy back to the streets of the city. A walk through the former Jewish Quarter of Kazmierz is the best way to take it all in. The higher angle of the sun brings back a color and warmth that disappeared for the long winter. Don’t forget that Kazimierz, like everywhere else in the center of town, is full of inviting places to grab a bite to eat or something cold to drink. While you sit back and replenish your energy, think about taking a walk past Krakow’s famous street art and murals, which you can find all over Kazimierz and just across the river in the former ghetto area in Podgorze. Charming cafes, the warmth of the sun on your face and a unique atmosphere four hundred years in the making – what more could you want?

Krakow sightseeing surrounded by big trees, tall trees, green trees!

There are lots and lots of places in Krakow where you can you relax in the shadow of nice shady tree. We’ll list three for you here so you can start your own list – Jordan Park, Bednarski Park and the Wolski forest.


Let’s go Krakow sightseeing to two of the most beautiful parks in Krakow, both established in the 19th century, are great places for a family day out or a romantic walk. Jordan Park, established by exercise proponent Henryk Jordan, is full of playgrounds, courts and things for kids of all ages. The Bednarski Park is situated on an old quarry and is among the most picturesque areas in the city. Lastly, the lush Wolski forest is criss-crossed by ravines, paths and trails and your camera is sure to get a workout. Its expansive boundaries include a zoological park, a mound with a panoramic view of the city and a monastery. All this in one park! You can find all the necessary information at Krakow Sightseeing.


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