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How to Stay Fit While Traveling

How to Stay Fit While Traveling

How to Stay Fit While Traveling
February 05
00:48 2013

Just like dieting, keeping fit has to be a way of life and not an occasional foray into buying new running shoes and sports outfits. However, even for people who take their health and fitness seriously, staying fit while traveling can pose a problem or two.

Two girls exercising (one doing a push-up here) and walking their dogs at Cayucos State Beach two-girls-exercising-cayucos-beach1
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The fact is that it’s much easier to stay fit when it is part of a routine. When you travel, it is very difficult to create and stay in a routine. After all, why not indulge in the all-you-can-eat smorgasbord; it’s not as tough you do it every day? However, just because you may have left your routine at home, it doesn’t mean that your self-discipline flew out the window of the plane.

Actually, staying fit while traveling is not all that difficult. Almost every hotel or resort worth your custom has at least a basic gym or fitness room that you can use. It may not be what you are used to but, hey, it’s better than nothing.

But even if there is “nothing,” there’s always the stairs. OK, I don’t expect you to take the stairs to your room if it’s on the 20th floor of your hotel; however, if you really want to…Just kidding of course, but there is nothing wrong with taking the elevator to the 12th floor and walking the balance. Similarly, save money on taxi fares and the like and really get to know your destination by walking. Walking is a great low-impact exercise and undoubtedly you will experience many things walking in a foreign city that you wouldn’t have experienced had you taken public transport.

Perhaps the best low-impact aerobic exercise is swimming. Most hotels today have at the very least a lap pool. Take your swimmers and enjoy the rush of the water over your body.

There is no doubt that keeping fit while traveling is a challenge but it’s all a case of mind over matter. So I’ll leave you something that I pray you never have to confront but I hope you find motivational.

A friend of mine recently elected to undergo cancer treatment in Israel. Even during the most difficult times of their treatment – both physically and emotionally – they found the time to exercise to the best of their ability.

We all know the benefits that correct diet and exercise confer. Unfortunately, fitness is so difficult to attain yet so easy to lose. Is it really worth throwing away all your hard work because of your travel schedule? Especially when it really isn’t too difficult to stay fit whilst traveling.

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