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First Time Abroad? Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

First Time Abroad? Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

First Time Abroad? Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance
January 18
00:54 2013

Going abroad for the first time is an exciting step in life. Whether you’re travelling with friends, family, or going it alone, getting on a plane and jetting off to pastures new is a fantastic way of relaxing, unwinding and forgetting all about work and responsibilities for a short while.

First Time Abroad

First Time Abroad

A big part of the excitement is surely in the planning and preparation. Booking your holiday, exchanging your currency and stocking up on clothes for your trip creates a real buzz of anticipation. But in amidst the excitement, there’s one thing you must never, ever forget to do. And that’s take out the right type of holiday insurance.

It might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re planning your first trip abroad and it’s something that everybody hopes they will never need to use. But on holiday, as in all areas of life, things can sometimes happen unexpectedly and it’s always wise to be prepared.

When the unexpected happens…
When you book your holiday, the last thing you want to do is cancel it. But illness, work and unforseen family circumstances can sometimes mean you can’t take your holiday. It’s bad enough losing your break, but insurance will mean you won’t lose your money too.

In the same vein, if you have to cut your holiday short for similar reasons, then your insurance policy will cover you for the time you miss.

If you should fall ill while you’re abroad, it’s essential to have insurance in place to cover medical treatment, hospital stays and perhaps even a safe journey back to the UK. Similarly, if you suffer a severe personal accident (such as loss of limbs), then your travel insurance policy will compensate you and your family. You can also take out insurance to cover any legal expenses if you need to claim for compensation.

Replacing lost items.
Keeping your documents safe abroad is really important, as you will need your passport and tickets for your return journey. If you lose any of your papers or documents, then you will need to pay for a replacement, so make sure your insurance policy covers this to give you extra peace of mind. If you have cash stolen from you (or from your room) then you should be able to replace this, too.

Lost luggage is every traveller’s worst nightmare. If your bags are lost or stolen, it can ruin your holiday right from the start. Look for a policy that allows you to replace any missing items in the event of your luggage not turning up.

Everyone wants to have a good time and enjoy themselves while they’re abroad. But in the unfortunate event that you cause an accident harming someone else or damaging property, then you could be subjected to a legal claim. Taking out personal liability as part of your insurance can protect you under these circumstances.

Of course, all of these eventualities are looking at the worst-case scenario and the chances are you will have a lovely, relaxing break and return home healthy and refreshed. But taking out the right level of travel insurance will give you peace of mind and you can relax, knowing you are covered.

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