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Best UK Cities for Foreign Students

Best UK Cities for Foreign Students

Best UK Cities for Foreign Students
November 26
23:57 2012

The UK has some of the most highly regarded universities in the world. This has led to a great influx of students flocking to the British Isles in search of a great studying experience in some of Britain’s greatest cities. Whilst Oxford and Cambridge are the most famous university towns, here is a short guide of some of the UK’s most exciting and vibrant university cities.


An opportunity to study and live in the chaotic English capital is something that students would be foolish to turn down. With many universities and colleges, some the most highly regarded in the world, the city attracts a large influx of students every year. Living in the capital does have its limitations.

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The price of living is notoriously high in direct comparison with the rest of the country. Food prices and most importantly accommodation prices are high which is something to consider. But at the same time, prices are higher for a reason. It is one of the most exciting cities in the world. With some of the best institutions in the world, London offers the ultimate metropolitan lifestyle in amongst an historic city with some of the most famous attractions on the planet. Where else could you study, take a red London bus or the famous London tube to some of the greatest museums known?

Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle offers a different experience to London. A city that you could grow to love and develop your own favourite little corners. Well-known around the UK for its friendly people and nightlife, it has two universities that are very popular. Northumbria University for example, is one of the five biggest in the UK. But people don’t only flock to this north eastern city for the nightlife. Grey Street and the town’s Quayside are two of the most picturesque settings in the country and there is always something going on whether that be a market, festival or the world’s largest half-marathon, the Great North Run. The locals, known as Geordies, are known as welcoming, chatty and very friendly and they will make your studying experience much more enjoyable.


One of the biggest cities in the north, Manchester boasts its own unique culture that attracts many students to the north west. Well known for producing famous bands such as The Smiths, the Stone Roses and Oasis – this led to the “Madchester” scene in the late eighties, early nineties, which is still celebrated around the city today. It is also well known for its shopping and love for sport which is something that new visitors will appreciate, whichever they prefer. A very exciting and yet historic city that boasts two city centre university campuses, Manchester is somewhere foreign students will grow to love.


This historic Yorkshire city offers a university experience on a quite different level. A more sombre and smaller city, York is widely visited has a well-known university. The majority of the University of York campus is set within the city walls and is overlooked by the impressive Minster. It is a far quieter lifestyle for a place of study with some of the accommodation set on the banks of the River Ouse that flows through the heart of the city. This is often populated with rowers from York’s two university rowing teams.

For further information and guides on the UK’s university cities, visit and find all the information and advice you will need.

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