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Best Places to Visit in Israel

Best Places to Visit in Israel

Best Places to Visit in Israel
February 05
00:57 2013

Luckily I was sitting down when I was selected to write a piece on the best places to visit in Israel, because what other people have dedicated a book to, I get to dedicate approximately one page of a Word document. And that really is my thought on the matter.

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Depending on who you are, what takes your interest, your age, and many other factors, what is of interest to one person may not be of interest to another, making this task impossible to fulfill. However, one thing I can guarantee you, there is something for everyone in Israel, and you don’t have to look very hard or travel very far to find it. In the meantime, I hope to recommend places of interest that span age and any other barriers that present themselves, to make them universally appealing.

Mini Israel: How about visiting all of Israel’s major attractions in one place. Mini Israel, located at Latrun, not far from Jerusalem has 385 exact replica models of Israel’s most important archeological, historical, modern, and religious sites. The models are at a scale of 1:25.

Hit the Beach: Israel’s long, hot summers and temperate winters coupled with its magnificent coastline makes it a magnet for beach fiends. It doesn’t matter whether it is one of Tel Aviv’s trendy and energetic beaches or Herzliya’s vast expanses of sand, grab a towel, pull on your swimmers, and reach for the beach. Rent one of the luxury apartments in Tel Aviv and take in the vibe.

Dead Sea: While away the time reading a book whilst caked in mud and floating on water – without a buoyancy device; try doing that anywhere else. A truly surreal experience.

Western Wall: The most popular tourist attraction in Israel, the Western or Wailing Wall is the last remaining vestige of the Second Temple of the Jews. It was the external western wall of the temple prior to the temple’s destruction. It is the holiest site to Judaism yet draws visitors from all over the world who go to “have a word” with their G-d and perhaps place a written request between the ancient stones.

Rosh Hanikra: Located in the Western Galilee, these spectacular grottoes are a geological formation that has been carved out of the cliff face over millennia. The view is something to behold.

So there you have, my “Best 5.” Just don’t blame me for not mentioning the rest.

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