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Best places for a weekend break for the elderly

Best places for a weekend break for the elderly

Best places for a weekend break for the elderly
December 04
17:22 2012

Elderly people often find choosing where to go on holiday much simpler than in their younger years.

Nightlife is rarely a consideration, anything too adventurous or dangerous can be automatically ruled out, and the children now have children of their own so they can plan to suit themselves.

Never too old to soak the sun
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And just as some places are no longer a great holiday fit, so others come into their own.

Seaside destinations such as Brighton and Eastbourne are popular year-round, featuring glorious beaches, traditional seaside piers, and great shopping and restaurant opportunities. Only the weather is far from guaranteed, but that’s the same the country over.

The great cities of Britain are all on the must-see list as well. Cambridge, York and Oxford all offer a huge amount of history in a compact city centre setting, again with plenty of parks to rest in if the weather is good, or cafes and restaurants if it is not.

York, with its Minster and Bar Walls has been a popular coach tour destination for years, and the best bits of the city centre can easily be seen in a weekend, with a day trip to the quintessential British beach resort of Scarborough an hour away also a possibility if the weather is up to it.

Cambridge offers a huge number of ancient and picturesque colleges and their grounds to explore, including the majesty and pomp of King’s Chapel, often seen on the television as its world-famous choir sing in the Christmas season. A trip on the river on a punt (either self-guided or with a student to ferry you along) is also a wonderful way to see this striking city for those with a bit of spirit for something different.

Oxford also makes a wonderful weekend trip for the elderly. Again, many of its magnificent colleges are open to the paying public with Christ Church and Magdalen – which boasts its own deer park – of particular note.

Christ Church meadow, which borders a stretch of the Thames where you will often see the university’s celebrated boat teams out practising, is also worth a visit and shopping opportunities abound.

The pedestrianised Cornmarket Street has many of the big-name brands on it, while the nearby indoor market has a wealth of quirky crafts, jewellery and clothing that would make excellent and unusual presents.

Add in the chance to explore the former Oxford castle – again situated close to the city centre – and visitors can pack a lot in without having to walk very far.

The wealth of Oxford hotels available to choose from also means that there is likely to be one to suit every budget.

Author: Four Pillars

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