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The Benefits of a Private Jet Charter

The Benefits of a Private Jet Charter

The Benefits of a Private Jet Charter
November 22
15:53 2012

Travelling at any time can be stressful but it does not have to be when you choose a private jet charter instead of a commercial airline.  There are many different price rangers for a private charter and those who wish to take advantage need only save a bit more than they would for a public flight.

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The following are some of the top benefits for chartering a private jet rather than taking a commercial flight:

  • Fewer Delays – Private charter flights typically have fewer delays than a commercial flight may offer.  This is because the charter jets are only used for these flights so they do not have as much wear and tear on them that commercials jets have.  Commercial jets are used more frequently so minor issues that can hold up flights are more common.  The only time a chartered flight would be delayed is when there are severe weather conditions that make it unsafe to land or take off.
  • Better Food – We only know that airline food is not the tastiest food because it has to be mass produced for thousands of flights a year.  When you charter a jet, you have the choice of menus and the food is normally prepared in flight.  This is why the cost of flying may be a bit higher but when you are travelling for many hours you want to eat something fresh, not frozen.  They offer all types of meals as well as for those with special dietary needs such as vegans, vegetarians and those who want kosher meals.
  • Luxurious Accommodations – One of the worst things about taking a commercial flight is the lack of leg room in the seats and the size of the seats overall.  Even normal sized people find the seats too confining and cramped particularly when seated next to a large person or a baby’s car seat.  Even a short flight can seem unending when the seats are so cramped.  On a private jet charter flight, since the number of passengers is smaller, there is much more room which means more comfort.

Why take a commercial flight on your next holiday?  Instead, plan a holiday with a chartered private jet for you, your family and friends.  You can travel with fewer delays, eat better food in flight and have luxurious accommodations rather than being cramped in a commercial airplane.  Choose your destination and leave the rest with the charter company!

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