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Amsterdam – 7 Ways to Make Your Day

Amsterdam – 7 Ways to Make Your Day

Amsterdam – 7 Ways to Make Your Day
January 01
18:11 2013

Planning for a holiday and if your place is Amsterdam then??? Yes, this time we are going to heaven- Amsterdam, a beautiful city from where you will never want to come back. There is an addictive smell in the air of this city which makes you unable to leave the place. Amsterdam is famous for coffee shops, monuments, museums, canals, lakes and many more things which you can realize properly after roaming there. Here I am to tell you about the most popular tourist places of Amsterdam which you would really like to visit on your journey to heaven.




So take quick look things to do in Amsterdam

Go For Canal Tour

Start your day with the early boat ride through canals. I do not think that anyone can miss the boat ride of Amsterdam on their tour. You will surprise to know that Amsterdam’s canals were the medium of transportation in the 17th century and that declared as the UNESCO monument in 2010. A starting canal tour will make your day a beautiful one.

Next is Dutch Art

After taking a pleasant ride of canals of Amsterdam, go for the Dutch art. Many of Amsterdam museums are blessed with this fine art as there are many paintings from the famous artists. If you are painting and art lover then these places you cannot skip to visit. There are many museums where you can see these paintings like Museum het Rembrandthuis, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum.

Feel the Horror of II world War

The Netherlands was not exempt with the fear of II world war and you can feel the horror by visiting Dutch National monument, the Homo monument and many museums which express the memories of the people who experienced the pain.

Smell the Flowers around You

Pass through the streets and allow the sweet smell to go to your heart, you will feel lavish. Amsterdam is very famous for its Bulb and Tulip flowers. You will get the full varieties of flowers. Do not leave the chance to impress your love one.

Feel the Adventure on Bicycle

You will not believe but it is a true fact that 50% people of Amsterdam use bicycles as their conveyance.   So the next thing you have to do is take a bike which you will easily get on rent from various stores and starts your journey on that charming bike.

Time to Eat

After roaming all around from morning and working so hard, I am sure you will be hungry this time and seek a good restaurant. So here you will find number of varieties such as erwtensoep (split pea soup), mashed potatoes streaked with curly kale, Pancakes which are treated like pizza and so on.

Coffee shops

After taking food, you will like to experience the one of the most popular coffees from Cannabis Coffee shops. Many people used to take some coffee along with them from this place. And some always go and drink a cup of coffee whenever they visit to Amsterdam.

So these are the best seven ways to spend your day in Amsterdam and to make your day a beautiful one. You must visit the place at least once in your life. The city is full of those things which make it a perfect place to spend the holidays.

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