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Airbnb: The Changing Face Of Travel

Airbnb: The Changing Face Of Travel

Airbnb: The Changing Face Of Travel
June 25
15:42 2015

How Airbnb Has Changed The Way We Travel For Good

Many of us often take out yearly travel insurance for multiple trips but then struggle to get full value from the deal because we just can’t find the sort of lodging that we want at a price that suits. If you too are tired of paying a king’s ransom for hotels booked at short notice and just want to travel a different way, it’s time to take a hard look at Airbnb.

Accommodation To Suit Your Needs

For many people, hotels offer everything that they need. There’s a room (or possibly a couple of rooms in a suite) for sleeping and relaxing, and a bathroom to clean up in. Whether you’re traveling to a resort, city or theme park, you’ll barely see the inside of the hotel. Here, you will only be coming back to the room to wash, sleep, and get started again the next morning.

But, if you want to spend any amount of time in your room, then you’ll be shocked at how quickly your hotel accommodation will appear to shrink as your visit goes by. That foldout couch that you used for the two extra kids will seem to take up more and more space and, if you have a traditional room, that walking area will shrink dramatically.

This is why Airbnb has taken off. Do you want a spare bedroom in a house instead of having to deal with a hotel? Do you want a whole condo to yourself? Do you want to stay longer than a week? Airbnb has many more options than even the larger hotel chains provide.

Unrivalled Convenience, Unbeatable Prices

If you’re going to be somewhere for two weeks, you’re probably not going to want to eat every meal out, so an apartment is much better choice than a hotel room because of the kitchen. It’s also probably going to be much less expensive than one of those specialty hotel suites that offer a cooking area as well as somewhere to simply rest your head.

This is the other advantage with Airbnb; cost. Of course, Airbnb does make money off the transactions, but it’s still going to be less expensive, most of the time, than booking through a hotel website. Naturally, you don’t get the extras such as daily maid service like you would in a hotel, but if you are staying somewhere for a week or two, do you really need clean sheets and polished bathrooms every day?

Freedom To Explore

If you like getting to see the real ins and outs of a new city, then Airbnb definitely offers that. Hotels tend to be located in clusters – and they’re often far away from the real core of a city. Airbnb gives you the chance to stay in apartments or houses that are in the heart of the city or right in the middle of luxury areas.

Aribnb also gives you the chance to stay in a private room while you’re in town. If you are coming in for a big festival and just want a room without the high price tag of a hotel or a traditional B&B, you can get a room in many places for much less, and then come and go as you please.

Local Knowledge

As an additional bonus, most of the hosts who post on Airbnb enjoy sharing information about the places where they live, giving you perspective about the real things to do – instead of just going through the tourist areas that a hotel concierge would typically direct you to.



The way we travel has now changed for the better, and for good. Airbnb offers several advantages to savvy travellers, so why not take advantage of them?

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