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A Luxury Travel to the Holy Land

A Luxury Travel to the Holy Land

A Luxury Travel to the Holy Land
February 05
00:53 2013

Israel, the Holy Land, is an enigma. A tiny country, smaller than New Jersey, that the world seems to be transfixed with. How can such a small place make so much noise? Well, guess what, if it wasn’t worth having, no one would be fighting over it – and no piece of land has been fought over by so many for so many years than the Holy Land.

Mada'in Saleh (Cities of Salih)
Travel to the Holy LandOmar A. / Travel Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

A country that is the focus of the world’s three most prominent monotheistic religions, Israel, would have every reason to be an economic and political basket case like so many of its neighbors. Instead, against all odds, Israel, in its newest incarnation as of 1948 is a thriving business and technological center. The Jewish homeland has taken upon itself the yoke pronounced by the prophet Isaiah to be a, “Light Unto the Nations.”

And what is truly amazing is the rate of development and joie de vivre that accompanies it under, to put it politely, very difficult circumstances. Traveling through Israel you only see the beauty, growth, and modernization – who has time to complain? After all, there are only 24 hours in a day yet we have 48 hours of work to do, so let’s do it with a smile on our faces and sit back and enjoy it when we have the time.

For a tourist, traveling to the Holy Land involves all the good without having to worry about the downside; a bit like having the neighbor’s dog to pet and play with yet it being the owner’s responsibility to vaccinate and clean up after him.

Israelis work hard and they play hard. They realize that life is not a spectator sport and that we are definitely in this world to have a good time for it may not be for a long time. That means that Israel offers the best in hotels, amenities, food, resorts –  you name it, they’ve got it. Israel is a first world economy that has developed, and continues to develop, in leaps and bounds.

The demand for luxury real estate in Israel has been astronomical. Why do you think so many high net worth individuals want to make their first or second home in Israel? I’ll let you in on a little secret if you haven’t visited the Holy Land; these well informed individuals have a leg up on you and know exactly why they’re opening their check books. Come and see for yourself and enjoy a great little country.

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