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A guide to cruise holidays for beginners

A guide to cruise holidays for beginners

A guide to cruise holidays for beginners
December 07
00:01 2012

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you might be worried that this type of holiday isn’t for you. People sometimes have misconceptions about what going on a cruise is like, but I believe this type of holiday is fantastic for all tastes and budgets.

cruise holidays
cruise holidaysjoiseyshowaa / Foter / CC BY-SA

I’ve put together a guide as to what going on a cruise involves, which you can find below. Hopefully it’ll convince you that this type of getaway is right for you!

Am I too young for a cruise?

Cruises are for all ages – if you enjoy exploring lots of new places, sunbathing, swimming and tucking into plenty of mouth-watering cuisines, you’ll have fun. If you’re a young couple or group of friends and have dismissed going on a cruise, there are a load of reasons why you should reconsider.

cruise holidays for beginners
cruise holidays for beginnersecstaticist / Water Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

For a start, if you go on a summer cruise around the Med, for example, you’ll have sun loungers, a swimming pool and everything else you’re used to when on a ‘traditional’ break, including the chance to try your hand at water sports.

Come night-time, you can relax with a few cocktails or beers in one of the bars and enjoy the evening’s entertainment. If you book add-on drinks packages, you don’t need to worry about having enough cash on you to cover the cost of your beverages.

Where do they depart from?

This will obviously depend on the type of cruise holiday you book, but Malaga, Barcelona, Lisbon and Dubrovnik are some of the most popular places in the Med to step onboard your ship. Cruises depart from various islands in the Caribbean and Red Sea as well, while you can also begin your break in Southampton.

The British port services lots of countries around the world and is a great option if you want to avoid the hassle of catching a flight before your holiday can even begin.

What kind of entertainment is there?

If you’re travelling as a couple, you might not be too fussed about the entertainment options if you’d prefer to relax in the bar over a quiet drink. Mums and dads bringing little ones away with them will be pleased to learn that many cruises often have kids’ clubs to keep youngsters engaged – although I’ve found the swimming pool does a good job of that!

Everything from musicals and magicians to singers and dance routines tend to be offered in the evening for holidaymakers, so you certainly won’t be bored when at sea.

How long do we get at each port?

This will obviously depend on each individual ship, but as a general rule you wake up each morning to a new destination. This means you get several hours to disembark and explore everything the place has to offer. Of course, you might prefer to simply stay onboard and make use of the ship’s facilities.

However, I think it’s well worth visiting top tourist attractions and tucking into a lunch at a local restaurant, as one of the biggest advantages of cruising is that you get to explore some of the most popular and interesting places in the world.

Ships tend to make most of their journeys during the night, and typically leave ports in the late afternoon to provide plenty of time for people to get ready before the evening meal.

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