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A Family Holiday to Israel

A Family Holiday to Israel

A Family Holiday to Israel
January 23
13:01 2013

Israel is an amazing country. The place is tiny, measuring just 20,700 km² (7,992 sq mi). It is 114 km (71 mi) at its widest point, 15 km (9.3 mi) at its narrowest point, and 424 km (263 mi) from north to south*. So, think about it, it takes about six hours to drive from its northern to its southern border and about 2 hours to drive from east to west – not very impressive.

Family Holiday to Israel

Family Holiday to Israel

Within this tiny package (smaller than New Jersey) is something for everyone and that’s what makes it such a fantastic travel destination. Getting around by car is easy and simple and gives you a chance to really see the country. Having a car by your side is especially handy when travelling as a family, and you’ll be pleased to know that Israeli car rental is plentiful and well organized.

Just as is Israel is accepting of every race, religion, color, and creed, so it has something of interest to offer everyone. And its compact size means that it is easy to cover its small territory. However, be warned, if you want to sample all the delights Israel has to offer, you would do well not to underestimate its meager size and dedicate a lengthy spell to really get to know the country.

Actually, none other than Lonely Planet in 2012 rated Tel Aviv as one of the world’s Ultimate Party Cities and also for the Top Ten Hedonistic City Breaks. This year, Lonely Planet has already crowned Tel Aviv one of the world’s Top Ten Beach Cities. We are talking here about “little” Tel Aviv, all 51.8 km² (20 sq mi) of her. In fact, you could take your family to Israel and stay only in Tel Aviv and your family probably wouldn’t want to return home after a month.

But that would be depriving them of all the other wonders Israel has to offer. Where else in the world can you read a newspaper whilst lying on your back in water? And no, I didn’t mean a bath tub or whilst wearing a life vest. You guessed it. The Dead Sea is a tourist destination for all and sundry for a reason – because it is unique; something you will not find elsewhere.

The history of Israel may not appeal to younger children, yet I dare you to take them for a walk around the Old City of Jerusalem and see the interest that it will inspire. As it is not only the history of Israel that they will find but the history of the world. It doesn’t matter your religion or whether you are religious, the sites may be holy to different religion yet their appeal is universal for beauty and majesty know no boundaries. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Western Wall will hold equal wonderment irrespective of age or religion. And the gold-domed Temple Mount or Al-Aqsa Mosque is a site to behold.

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are located approximately one hour drive from each other and there is enough of interest just in these two cities to keep you enthused for a very long time. Best not to start with Safed, Galilee, the Negev, and Eilat as you may want to apply for immigration papers.

* “Israel-Geography,” U.S. Library of Congress. Retrieved 8 April 2008.

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