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5 most troublesome holiday locations

5 most troublesome holiday locations

5 most troublesome holiday locations
May 04
09:41 2011

When booking a holiday, everyone imagines that they will have a dream vacation, with fabulous weather, tasty food and a gorgeous place to stay.  For many of us, this is more or less the case.  There are usually a few little things that aren’t as we expected but in the main, everything is pretty good and we have a great time.

However not everyone’s holidays go to plan and sometimes we need to make an insurance claim or require assistance from the consulate.  Here are the 5 destinations which attract the most holiday claims and require the most assistance:

1. Spain


More UK passports are lost in Spain than anywhere else in the world, and this is also the location for the most arrests.  Perhaps UK tourists are stealing each others’ passports…

But don’t forget, Spain has: great beaches, great weather and a great nightlife.

2. Thailand


Overall the location that had the most serious assistance requests to its consulate (24 out of every 10,000), visitors to Thailand are proportionally more likely to die than elsewhere in the world.  Motorbikes are responsible for most of these incidents.  Curiously, the second most deadly place to holiday is Germany.

But don’t let this put you off, Thailand has: some of the best diving, hotels and spas in the world.

3. Greece


One of the countries with the highest hospitalisation rates for tourists, Greece has motorbikes and notoriously dangerous roads to thank for this – along with the party culture of the islands.

But remember, Greece does have: ancient cities and ruins, beautiful beaches and hundreds of therapeutic spas.

4. South Africa


South Africa has one of the highest violent robbery rates in the world, and one third of travellers say that this has put them off from visiting the country, although trouble is normally in the townships away from the tourist areas.

But South Africa does offer: Big 5 game reserves, fabulous wines and ecotourism.

5. Mexico


Mexico is said to have one of the highest rates of insurance claim for over exposure to the sun.  Of course this indicates the weather is likely to be good for a visit but it seems that tourists just can’t get enough of it.

But Mexico is great for: Meso-American ruins, beach resorts and natural wonders.

Don’t let the downsides put you off from travelling – there is risk in everything we do and everywhere we go – but take safety precautions when visiting dangerous areas to stop your holiday ending up in an insurance claim.


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