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5 Reasons You Should Drive Yourself on Your Next Vacation

5 Reasons You Should Drive Yourself on Your Next Vacation

5 Reasons You Should Drive Yourself on Your Next Vacation
November 28
23:55 2012

All inclusive packages can be fun, but for the adventurous may just not be ideal. If you are someone who just knows you would rather be out there exploring and getting up close and personal with the things you see and some of the people you pass, then you know you want drive yourself. There are a lot of good reasons to drive on your vacation, from freeing yourself from tour schedules to having the freedom to go anywhere, anytime you want. Here are five of the best reasons.

1. You Get More Value for Your Vacation Dollars

While the tour bus no doubt takes a very interesting route and offers sightseeing that is considered the best, there is nothing like discovering something remarkable for yourself. Tour buses will no doubt pass up on some things you would find rather interesting. Driving yourself on your vacation allows you to go off on a beaten track to see sights that you would have otherwise missed.

Take Me to the Drive-In (Explored)
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You are also able to capture memories (photos) that no one else in the group will have. You get to go to places that they did not get to see and experience the cultural aspect of the area that a tour just cannot adequately replicate.

2. More Comfort and Relaxation

Company is good, but with company comes a lot of noise and distraction, so that before you know it, you miss something you would have loved to have caught on camera. Tourist groups can get pretty excited and busy, but for those who would love to capture some special sounds or snap a special shot, too many human bodies become a hindrance. Driving a car allows you to get lost in your own thoughts, really soaking in the visuals as you drive along at your own pace.

On a tour bus, there is nowhere for you to rest your nice cool drink, the seats are a little hard, and when it goes over bad roadways you jostle into your neighbor. There is also the irksome situation of not being able to select who you sit beside. All that distraction can certainly spoil your vacation, sending you back to your room with a headache rather than the satisfying feeling that entirely wonderful sightseeing should have produced.

A car takes away all of that turmoil, leaving you to enjoy your own company or the company of those you choose and really enjoy what the place has to offer.

3. Not Rushing Back Because Others are Ready or the Tour is Over

It can be quite annoying when you would just love to stay on at a site a little longer, but some people start fussing that it’s time to go, or the tour guide is trying to usher everyone back on board because they have to keep on schedule. That is not the way you wished to spend your vacation at all. Your sightseeing then begins to feel like the sumptuous half eaten meal you had to run and leave behind umpteen times because you had to get to a meeting.

You do not want your vacation to resemble your work in any way. With a car, not only do you get to leave when you want, but you get to savor every bit of it down to the last minute. There is no one to hurry you and bring neither your lunch nor your sightseeing to a premature end.

4. Some People can be Real Party Poopers

In a group there just always seems to be the odd man who is always complaining. The individual always seems to have a problem and never appreciative of anything; you wonder why they came sightseeing and even more, why come all this way on vacation.

When you drive yourself that car becomes your little haven. There is no grumpy individual encroaching on your space.

5. Too Many Bosses

Once again, where there is a group of people, some seem to want to emerge as the natural leader. This creates a tension that can throw others off balance. You paid good money to enjoy your vacation and you would like to do just that. Spending a little more and renting a car is worth it. Sometimes the drama that you are spared when away from a group is invaluable.

On the road, in the car with or without some music (your choice) you are your own boss.

The value of meeting and making new friends cannot be underrated, that is not the underlying message here. The fact is that there are times, such as when you are on a vacation, when too many people really become a huge crowd. When you drive yourself you can even decide that you want to leave the car behind some days and go on tour with a group again.

The level of flexibility that a car offers you while on vacation is just too good to ignore. At the end of your vacation, you do not want to live with the nagging voice of regret. You want to be able to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You want to feel that your money was well spent and you did what you wanted to and enjoyed doing it.

Elizabeth Bailey is an avid travel blogger. She particularly loves driving holidays and enjoys sharing her tips and insights on various blogs. Visit Expedia Car Hire for more information on getting around when on holiday.

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