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3 Alternative Accommodation Experiences to Sample in 2013

3 Alternative Accommodation Experiences to Sample in 2013

3 Alternative Accommodation Experiences to Sample in 2013
March 26
22:52 2013

Boutique Indian Hotel in Kumarakoom

Located in the western part of Kottayam District, on the serene Vembanad Lake is Kumarakom. This little area experiences a lot of tourism numbers, hosting up to 50,000 foreign visitors per year. Unlike the busy city scenes, this part of the Kerala backwaters is refreshingly relaxed.

House Boat and Kumarakom!
House Boat and Kumarakom!Karthick R / / CC BY-NC-SA

Here, you will find boutique Indian hotels that will cater to your taste for luxury. Instead of spending your day on a traditional boathouse, try one of the award winning hotels in Kumarakom. These Indian hotels feature carefully planned out hospitality that will make your stay shorter than you intended. From star chefs, customized menu, freshwater fish dishes, and traditional ice creams and sweets, the gastronomic department is well covered.

As for the facilities, expect dedicated housekeepers, attentive staff, infinity pools with a view, tasteful décor, and modern facilities. If you can afford, take a trip to the island hotel of Vaamika Island, the coconut haven of Philipkutty’s Farm or Kumarakom Lake Resort. These boutique hotels are accessible by boat only, a big plus if you are big on privacy and serenity.

Berber Lodge in Marrakech

The Berber history goes back a long way, long before history was formally recorded. They have roamed the Moroccan and Saharan lands, proudly defending their culture against the Romans and Arabs. Today, they largely inhabit the Atlas hills. They till the land, herd goats, and still roam the Saharan desert, as proud and free as ever.

Berber lodges give you a peek into the lifestyle of this untamable people. They integrate the famed craftsmanship of the Berber into their architecture. Using natural materials, they create a luxurious appeal, perfect for the modern day setting. True to their theme, they also serve Berber cuisine, allowing you to sample delicious menus passed down through generations.

Berber lodges in Marrakech are mostly located a few minutes out of the city. This is a welcome move, especially since the city can be a bit bustling for some. If you are looking for accommodation in Marrakech, but which is a quiet and serene escape from the city, these lodges are exactly what you are looking for.

Holiday cottages in Oban

In Oban, the fun definitely lasts longer than their infamous 2011 fireworks display. This beautiful coastal town is perfect for fun loving, active, sea-food crazy tourists. Crowned the Sea Food Capital of Scotland, you can find high quality sea cuisine on a budget, or enjoy a romantic dinner against the backdrop of the beautiful lagoon.

The holiday cottages in Oban cater perfectly for the needs of the wandering tourist. Since the town is a tourist favorite, you will find quite a few world class cottages around the area. If you are travelling in a large group or as a family, these cottages are a great way to budget comfortably. Complete with homely facilities, you can pay anywhere between £200 – £3,000 per week, depending on size and level of luxury.

These cottages come in quaint, countryside designs, and are set on a beautiful garden. As you explore the lovely Scottish coast, you can come back to a comfortable, inviting house.

This is a guest post from Tom, the editor of and home to some fantastic accommodation in Malta.


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