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10 Ways to convert Facebook Fans into booking guests

10 Ways to convert Facebook Fans into booking guests

September 16
01:00 2010

As a result of a growing population of hotel guests using Smartphones and iPhones, many individuals are referring to Facebook to handle their travel needs. Many savvy hotels are now utilizing the social media as a means of booking guests, developing widgets to extend beyond the confines of their web sites. The days of booking a hotel room only through a travel agency, or through a hotels specific site is over. Now hotels can interact with customers through Facebook applications, increasing accessibility and helping create a customer relationship.

1.   Manage your profile. It is important to establish a business account when trying to get Facebook guests to book a room at your hotel. Remember to read the Facebook rules regarding business accounts. Keep any personal aspects of your profile private by altering the settings. This will help keep your business life separate from your private. You may want to consider posting a professional photo of yourself to reinforce your brand and give your customers a glimpse of who runs the hotel.

2.    Applications. Utilize this aspect of Facebook to integrate feeds from your hotel’s blog, or other social media accounts onto your Facebook profile. Considering creating a customized booking widget that Facebook fans can access anytime. This will help increase the amount of bookings because the users will not longer have to leave Facebook to book a hotel. They can do it right then and there.

3.    Post your hotel’s newsletter subscription information and archives somewhere in your profile. This will direct viewers to your homepage and allow them the opportunity to gain more information about your hotel. Providing these links will help direct guests to your home page, increasing the chance of them booking a room with your hotel.

4.    Choose a Facebook URL that is directly correlated to your hotel brand. This will ensure that Facebook users can find your hotel information easily. Also, try to incorporate this URL into your email signature, business cards, etc so potential customers can learn more about your hotel.

5.    Post any business updates on your wall. This will be informative to those interested in staying at your hotel. Any one who is a friend of yours on Facebook will see the update and may be interested in the recent change of information. Posting useful articles and links is also a valuable resource to help establish credibility and to share any recent news pertaining to your hotel.

6.    Combine your Facebook account with other social media tools, like Twitter and Myspace. This will help reach a wider demographic and allow for interlinking to occur between sites. This interlinking will be a quick and easy way for viewers to connect information and link it directly to your hotel.

7.    Use the friend finder application for suggestions of other people you may want to connect with. This will help you expand your network even more, giving your hotel the opportunity to advertise on someone else’s page.

8.    Considering inviting previous hotel guests to write on your Facebook page. This will give a first hand account of their reaction to your hotel and the service provided. Other Facebook users will read this account and enjoy the reactions of other guests.

9.    Feature discounts and package deals on your Facebook page. Consider releasing a Facebook exclusive that offers discounts to Facebook friends. This will create hype around your hotel and increase the amount of people who want to become your friend.

10.     Buy Facebook advertisements that feature your hotel. This will be helpful when trying to target a specific audience and will also help increase traffic to not only your Facebook page, but also your home site.

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